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Mission and values

As the leading agency in the field of complex business solutions in Great Britain LAABS has always put a premium on quality. This principle has formed the basis of of independent, expert evaluation service that we offer our clients. We provide services aimed at securing growth and prosperity for your business. Our solutions will allow you to stand out from the increasingly large crowd of competitors, identify any weak points in your processes and improve the quality of your system and your business in general. We always keep three main objectives in mind when working with an international and growing business: reducing risks, increasing efficiency and achieving sustainable growth.

The unique feature of LAABS is that we combine the conservatism traditionally associated with the British with the passion for innovation that is the hallmark of the Japanese. A century of experience in standardization, coupled with fresh approach based on the kaizen philosophy, means that we offer something truly unique. Certification at our agency will allow you to demonstrate that your products, business processes, systems and services comply with the requirements of national and international standards, technical guidelines and the standards specified by your clients. LAABS has garnered recognition from the leading international firms and forums.


Include the in-depth, specialist knowledge that is required in order for companies to achieve success. Standards provide a set of useful tools aimed at making your business more innovative and efficient.

Management system certification

    Quality management system: ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 17100

    Environmental management system: ISO 14001

    Occupational Health and Safety Management System: OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001

    Quality management system for the aerospace industry: EN/AS 9100

    Quality management system for manufacturers of medical devices: ISO 13485

    Quality management system in the field of pharmaceuticals: GSP, GCP, GPP, GMP, GLP, GDP

    Integrated management systems

    Food safety management system: ISO 22000, HACCP

    Cosmetics good manufacturing practices and quality assurance: ISO 22716

    Quality management system for oil and gas industry: ISO 29001

    IT and telecommunications quality management system: ISO 20000, ISO 27001

    Energy management system: ISO 50001

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Aerospace industry

If your company’s business activities are connected to the aerospace industry, safety and reliability issues are naturally a major concern. Your needs, along with those of millions of passengers who take to the skies each day, are deeply rooted in the prevention of risks, the promoting of safe practices and quality assurance.

Transport and infrastructure

If your company’s business activities are associated with transport and infrastructure, you will be aware that this sector is theoretically supposed to promote the gradual development of the world’s economy. The crucial point is that the safety of millions of consumers is at stake; moreover, your projects take pressing environmental concerns into account.


As a classification society, LAABS evaluates ships and other vessels for compliance with certain codes of practice, mainly by measuring their structural strength and the reliability of lthe onboard equipment. In addition to this, we carry out certification of vessels and vessel equipment on behalf of the flag country’s official bodies.

Oil and gas

LAABS's key area of activity is providing expert evaluation of the quantity and quality of oil and oil products, whether exported abroad or aimed at the domestic market, and the elimination of the client’s risks by means of independent inspections and laboratory testing.

Food products

Today, the quality and safety of food products are subjected to more scrutiny from consumers and state bodies than ever before. Concern for such matters has increased with the emergence of new threats to health. Risk management in the field of quality, health and safety, the environment and social accountability has become a vital task for each and every company involved in manufacturing and the supply chain.


LAABS inspects forest products at all stages of manufacture, export and transportation, and also in situ. We provide our clients with objective, reliable data about the quantity and quality of the materials purchased, and about their compliance with the delivery documents. Inspections of this nature can be arranged wherever they are required: at the company’s offices, at warehouses, at ports or at any other site of the client’s choosing.

Industrial equipment

If you are in the business of manufacturing industrial equipment, you will be well aware that the industry is facing mounting pressure from state institutions and the general public, who are demanding compliance with a plethora of ever-changing requirements in the field of quality, occupational safety, the protection of labour and the environment.

Electronics and electrical engineering

If you are a manufacturer, importer or retailer of electronic goods or electrical engineering products, you may face certain challenges due to the high level of innovation in this field and the integration of technologies, along with the globalization of the market and the reduction in product launch time. Equally, stringent market requirements for enhanced reliability and performance characteristics, combined with frequent changes to the legislation, are complicating matters still further.

Construction and real estate

If you are engaged in construction activity and operate in the real estate market, you need to manage every aspect of quality, protection of labour, the environment and safety during the performance of all construction tasks, from the design stage right through to completion.

Automotive industry

If you are a car manufacturer or one of the many companies in the supply chain for the automotive industry, you need to keep track of a large number of issues pertaining to quality, occupational safety, the environment and social accountability.

Marine sector

If your business is connected to maritime shipping, you will know that the efficiency of international traffic depends to a large extent on the unimpeded circulation of vessels and capital in accordance with international standards that are introduced and must be complied with.

Consumer goods

If you are a seller or manufacturer of consumer goods operating under the present market conditions, you can’t help but be confronted by new requirements on quality and brand image all the time, from production cycle reduction and new regulations to the need to have a lower price benchmark.

Power supply and utilities

Whatever your role in the supplying of power and the work of utilities companies – whether it concerns compliance with international standards, the performance characteristics of your assets, being attentive to the needs of the society in which you operate – you no doubt realise how important it is to introduce efficient practices when it comes to quality management, protection of labour and safety during production. Environmentally-friendly methods are also of paramount importance, as is the need to provide relevant information to your employees.

Refining and mining industry

If your company is involved in the production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, cellulose and paper, or concrete, or operates in the mining industry, you will be aware how important it is to manage such aspects as quality, protection of health, occupational safety and environment carefully and continuously.


If your company provides services in fields such as healthcare, finance and insurance, telecommunications, tourism, etc. we will help you to introduce an efficient risk management process and to streamline your business. In order to do so, we conduct regular inspections for compliance with the regulations and any requirements specified.


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